In Response to: Enemies, Foreign and Domestic [6]

Among the top 10 reasons young Americans state that say they don’t want to join the military, No. 10 is fear of sexual harassment and assault. This comes from the Department of Defense Youth Poll from Spring 2022 [7].

Imagine a workplace so dysfunctional that women are afraid to work there because they assume they will be subjected to sexual assault. That, along with a crash in recruitment numbers and service-wide morale, is part of Mark Milley’s legacy.

Nowhere are these fundamental issues covered in your puff piece on him.

But it’s great to know that Milley is supporting climate change hysteria and critical race theory for the military. That’s going to help make a big contribution to making the military safer for women and a more formidable fighting force.

Great also that PAW managed a long virtue-signaling diversion into his relationship with former President Trump. “You don’t understand what war [World War II] was all about,” he lectured Trump.

Whether one is a fan of Trump or not (and I’m not), he is the only president in many decades not to start a new war or support a coup. If Milley actually reads Sun Tzu, he’d know that war is something to be avoided at all costs, not a career opportunity. Milley may have personally received tinsel for his roles in Panama, Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, but it’s hard to imagine anyone who considers these operations high points in America’s moral history.

Then again Milley, the deep thinker, called the Afghanistan debacle a “logistical success.” PAW continues to amaze in how it chooses to present the world.