In the wake of the Hamas invasion into Israel and the subsequent slaughter of many innocent civilians, I am distressed to hear about the protests and support of the Hamas regime on numerous college campuses. In particular, what is going on at Harvard is despicable.  

I have not heard of any similar activity at Old Nassau and I sincerely hope it does not occur. I do not believe this is a matter of free speech, but rather a misguided and very disturbing display of support for a terrorist organization. If it occurs, it should be squashed immediately by school officials. Furthermore, if any professor is active in promoting this kind of support for a terrorist regime, or any type of antisemitic sentiment, they should be dismissed. It comes dangerously close to treason in my opinion.

Protesting war in general is certainly acceptable under the rights of free speech. Protesting and actively supporting a terrorist organization that has slaughtered many men, women, and children is out of bounds.