In Response to: Reunions 2010 [6]

I was disappointed that PAW didn’t cover “Civilizing the Economy: A New Way of Understanding Business Enterprise?” held on campus April 9. Convened by the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative, the daylong event drew nearly 200 participants and featured 17 world-class speakers and panelists, including CEOs, economists, business school deans and professors, shareholder activists, and religion scholars. This event represented cutting-edge work on business and the economy, bringing together business leaders, ethicists, and religious leaders to address one of the most pressing issues of our time.

As a thoughtful antidote to knee-jerk anti-business sentiment, the conference presented businesses and enterprise as potential humanizing opportunities instead of somehow sadly necessary evils. I hope that many alumni will look at videos from the conference on the Faith & Work Initiative website, [7].