In Response to: Limits, still [6]

The University’s report on undergraduate women in high-profile positions and responses from several individuals, including Professor Jill Dolan (letters, July 6), reminded me of the deep-rooted determination of some people to fail to recognize the many ways in which males are naturally and biologically superior to females (e.g., athletics) and the many ways in which females are naturally and biologically superior to males (e.g., nurturing). This conflict often causes many of these individuals to force-fit unnatural things into natural situations. The results are sometimes ridiculous and in many cases irrational.

God never meant males and females to be equal. He intended for them to be a team whose members have complementary skills. When I was young, I went to my father to learn how to hit a curve ball. However, when I broke my arm, I went straight to my mother. Neither of them complained in either situation, and the world is a better place for it.