In Response to: Warfare, drones, and humanity [6]

Re: Stephen Silver ’58’s letter (Feb. 6), I’ve never read so hilarious a spoof of the far left-leaning liberals such as those now running the University, so far left they hired current or former communist Van Jones immediately upon his dismissal from the Obama White House. 

Silver compares our drones (feature, Dec. 12) to the Nazi V-1s, which were aimed at whatever and whomever they could but within maybe 20 miles of their aiming point, then decries the drones’ “incredible speed and pinpoint accuracy” that minimizes such “wanton killing” as by the V-1s, the World Trade Center attack, and indiscriminate terrorist bombings in civilian marketplaces. A masterpiece of sardonic contrast!

Again, he mocks those who might suggest that, to be “fair,” both sides should start with equal manpower and armaments. Obviously, he counts on everyone remembering Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invasions of Manchuria and China, Mussolini’s attack of Ethiopia, the North Korean invasion of South Korea, the communist undermining of South Vietnam; i.e., it’s usually — obviously — the bad guys you can’t trust for an “even chance.”

Kudos, Silver, for so exposing the nutty reasoning of the left — a brilliant exposé!