Randy died May 23, 2004.

He was born in Nampa, Idaho, and graduated from Jefferson High School in Edgewater, Colo., where he excelled in academics, sports, drama, and student government. At Princeton, he continued to excel academically, studying in the Special Program in International Affairs and writing his thesis on NATO; and in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including WPRB, Whig-Clio, Orange Key, and the Trenton Tutorial Project. He served as treasurer of Key and Seal Club his senior year.

After graduation from Princeton, Randy enrolled in Yale Law School, graduating in 1970 with an outstanding academic record. He practiced and taught law for most of his life, for many years maintaining a practice in Columbia, S.C., and serving as a full professor at the University of South Carolina Law School. Sadly, in the mid-1990s, a series of professional and legal lapses, which Randy attributed to depression and emotional problems, ended his legal and teaching careers.

Randy is survived by a daughter, Samantha Kovaz; a grandson, Stephen Kovaz; and a sister, Verna Morris. The class extends its condolences to all three.

The Class of 1966

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Undergraduate Class of 1966