In Response to: Math Versus Politics [6]

The first bridge we need to cross is granting the voters in
our fine country their "32 Full Voting Rights." Our country
is some 241 years old, and NO voter has these rights yet!

Sam, your approach of concern (or work) toward the two
party "balance" (or t-test) to determine if deliberate
"gerrymandering" is present in our political districts should be
placed on the back burner (with the burner turned off). The
focus on just the two parties is directly related to the fact that
the Dems and Repubs have over many years garnered
unconstitutional power and control in making election laws
(fed, state, local) and also our general laws (fed, state, local).

Under our 32 Full Voting Rights, the first focus on drawing
district maps is to make sure there shall be an equal number of
US citizens age 18 and up whose voting rights have not been
suspended....and no other criteria!!!

Thanks and good luck, Frank Henry, Full Voting Rights
Advocate, Tel: 928-649-0249, e-mail: [7]