I am very happy Princeton made the decision to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name to some degree. However, I am disappointed that Princeton decided in could not rename the Woodrow Wilson Award, Princeton’s most important undergraduate honor, because it was a gift. (Can’t we give it back? Why not re-gift it to Yale?)

Princeton should aggressively attack systemic racism — and sexism. I expect the number of deaths from domestic violence far exceed the number of individuals who are murdered by police. Women in our society (including I expect those at Princeton) are systematically subject to sexual discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault. Any meaningful attempt to correct these horrible systemic plagues should include both.

Let’s keep score on where Princeton is and where it is going by annually publishing actual numbers by race (African American, Asian, Latino, Native American, Other and White) and sex. I suggest:

I close with observations about Native Americans.  As with African Americans, their story also lasts for 400 years. Our national policy has gone from genocide to apartheid as we trap them in horrific conditions on reservations.