Lyman Spitzer Jr. *38
Princeton University

I expect Margaret Ruttenberg ’76’s memories of the Spitzers and the Observatory of Instruction (Princetonians, September issue) elicited many others from those of us lucky to know them. Although not a “Tiger Tot Tender,” I taught at Miss Mason’s School and was asked to stay with the two youngest Spitzers when their parents were away in 1961 and 1962. I recall joyous meals, new songs, and expeditions in the Spitzers’ Oldsmobile (a rare dividend when we weren’t allowed cars). 

All that prepped me for 50 years married to a strong woman (Bryn Mawr ’69), three feisty daughters, and a career in pediatrics. My wife and I caught up later with Doreen Canaday Spitzer at Princeton, Bryn Mawr, and Athens. Like Dr. Ruttenberg, I graduated with many rich memories beyond the dorms, classes, teams, and clubs. The Observatory was the most exciting place on Prospect Street!