Kerck died March 26, 2020, four months after the death of his wife, Susan. They had moved to OceanView retirement home after more than 20 years in a South Freeport home they dearly loved. Kerck was the first person in Maine to die of COVID-19.

Kerck’s father, Albert W. Kelsey, was in the Class of 1922. Kerck attended Lawrenceville School, and at Princeton majored in English and joined Charter Club. He was wrestling manager, active in freshman and club football, and was president of the Mountaineering Club. His Brown Hall roommates included Drew Carey, Win Lincoln, Larry Phipps, Harrington Putnam, and Carey Williams.

After retirement he earned a master’s degree from Harvard and wrote three books about the noted Washburn family of New England, to which he was related.

Kerck was well regarded for his straightforward, caring approach to life. He wrote in the 50th-reunion yearbook, “We love life in Maine. We know everyone in our village, have a fabulous view, and truly enjoy a simpler life among real people.”

After Kerck’s death his son Andrew remarked, “I think the final straw for my dad was the cancellation of the 65th. He truly loved his Princeton days and classmates.”

Survivors include his sons Peter, Pat, and Andrew.

Undergraduate Class of 1955