The Princeton Alumni Weekly — known as PAW — keeps Princeton alumni connected to each other and to their university. We’re part of Princeton, which means we have a first-hand view of University news. Yet we’re also editorially independent, so we can report that news with objectivity. Online and in print, we offer timely news and analysis, thoughtful interviews and essays, insightful coverage of Princeton sports and arts, in-depth profiles of undergraduate and graduate alumni, and a lively letters section. With each new issue, more than 80 classes of Princeton graduates stay in touch through password-protected Class Notes that incorporate dozens of photos. Alumni memorials are written by classmates specifically for PAW. 

Founded in 1900, the magazine once was published weekly and now comes out 14 times each year, more than any other alumni magazine in the world. Online stories and multimedia features provide additional content for readers. PAW also publishes an annual guide to one of Princeton’s greatest traditions, Reunions.

Who is on the PAW staff?

Marilyn Marks *86
The leader of the PAW team since late 2002, Marilyn is responsible for the content of the print magazine and PAW Online. She worked for more than 15 years as a reporter at daily newspapers including The St. Petersburg Times, The Jerusalem Post, and The Miami Herald, on beats that ranged from economics to education. She was Princeton’s media-relations director for two years. Marilyn has an MPA degree from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton and a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications and Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

Brett Tomlinson
Managing Editor
Brett manages the magazine’s campus news coverage and Inbox section. Before joining PAW in 2003, he covered news and sports for The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.) and its affiliated Chronicle publications. He is a graduate of Bucknell University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Elisabeth H. Daugherty
Digital Editor
Elisabeth edits the magazine’s digital side as well as sports coverage. Before joining PAW in 2020, she was digital enterprise editor for The Virginian-Pilot newspaper (Norfolk, Va.) and previously education reporter for The Capital newspaper (Annapolis, Md.). She is a graduate of Bucknell University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Mark F. Bernstein ’83
Senior Writer
Mark, PAW’s senior writer, has written for the magazine since 2003. A former lawyer and cartoonist, he is also the author of four books on politics and sports, as well as a documentary film on Ivy League football.

Carlett Spike
Writer/Assistant Editor
Carlett writes for PAW’s On the Campus section and edits the Behind the Research feature. Prior to joining PAW in 2019, Carlett was a writer for the University of Delaware’s news service, UDaily, and a Delacorte magazine fellow for Columbia Journalism Review. She is a proud Rutgers alumna and earned her master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. 

Nicholas DeVito
Class Notes and Memorials Editor
Nicholas edits PAW’s Class Notes and Memorials, as well as the From the Archives segment. He joined PAW in July 2016. He has a magazine background editing, writing, and freelancing for such magazines as Home Office Computing and Black Enterprise. He also has a background in education, teaching middle- and high-school students before returning back to his love of publishing. Nicholas is a graduate of Rider University. 

Matt Cole
Art Director
Matt brings over 20 years of experience in editorial art direction and design to PAW. He has directed and designed art for architecture, travel, business, and lifestyle magazines, among others. Prior to joining PAW, Matt was Seattle magazine’s design director. He is a graduate of Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication.  

Nancy MacMillan p’97
Nancy joined PAW in 1990 to transition PAW from ownership by the Princeton University Press to an independent corporate structure, and later to a department of the University. She is responsible for all of the accounting and business functions of PAW. Previously Nancy had been controller of a publishing company and a management consultant. She holds a BA from Connecticut College, and also has an MA in economics and an MBA in finance.

Colleen Finnegan
Advertising Director
Colleen joined the PAW team as advertising director in 2007. Prior to working at the University, she worked in marketing and sales management in the pharmaceutical industry for Ortho-McNeil and Roerig-Pfizer, and at a small advertising agency. She has an MBA in finance from Drexel University.  

What is PAW’s mission?

PAW’s purposes are: (1) to arouse, foster, and maintain interest in, and disseminate information concerning, the University; (2) to record news of the alumni and to review without partiality the achievements and problems of the administration, faculty, and student body of the University; (3) to convey as complete, fair, and accurate an understanding of the University and its alumni as possible; (4) to strive for standards of excellence befitting the University and the alumni body and to change over time in ways that reflect changes in the University and in the interests of the alumni; (5) to provide alumni with a continued sense of belonging to the University and with opportunities to communicate with each other; and (6) to advance the long-term best interests of the University and the alumni. With its content, PAW seeks to evoke memories of Princeton past, convey an understanding of Princeton today, and foster thoughtful consideration of the many challenges facing Princeton and Princetonians in the future.

Who receives PAW?

PAW has a circulation of more than 72,000. All undergraduate alumni receive the magazine, as do all dues-paying members of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni (APGA). (Graduate alumni who are not dues-paying APGA members receive five issues each year, courtesy of the Alumni Council and the APGA.) In addition, Princeton University faculty members and professional staff receive PAW. Other interested readers may subscribe by emailing the publisher and business manager, Nancy MacMillan, at; regular domestic subscriptions cost $22 per year ($26 outside the United States).  

What is PAW’s relationship with Princeton University? 

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in October 2021, PAW is an administrative unit within the University that maintains editorial independence and operates in accordance with all applicable University policies and procedures. As outlined in the MOU, the University does not provide content for publication or review articles in advance of publication for the purposes of editing or revising content. PAW makes available in each issue space for the president of the University to communicate with the alumni (the “President’s Page”), and PAW does not edit or revise the content of the President’s Page.

How is PAW funded?

The University sets and funds 100 percent of PAW’s annual budget. Revenue from external advertising may supplement the University-established budget for special projects. 

Who is on PAW’s advisory board, and what is its role?

PAW’s board provides editorial guidance and broad oversight for the magazine. The board also helps to ensure that PAW remains editorially independent.

There are 12 voting members on the board: seven alumni with professional experience in media, including a member of one of the three most recent undergraduate classes and one representative of graduate alumni; one faculty member; the vice chair of the Alumni Council; the chair of the Alumni Council on Class Affairs; the deputy vice president for alumni engagement; and one member appointed by the president of the University.

Current board members are:
Marc Fisher ’80, Chair
Nancy Cordes *99, Vice Chair
*Alexandra Day ’02
*Courtney Coleman Everson ’03
Daniel R. Fuchs ’91
Joshua Katz
Andrew Madden ’92
Naomi Nix ’10
Hilary Parker ’01
Jessica Stahl ’06
*Monica Moore Thompson ’89

*ex officio

Nicholas Wu ’18
Young-alumni representative