Described by his daughters as “a loud, proud, and loyal Tiger,” Arv succumbed to heart disease Feb. 25, 2020, in Newport, Vt., near his beloved home on Echo Lake.

Arv grew up near New Haven where, while at nearby Hamden High School, he worked each fall as an usher at the Yale Bowl. Assumed by his family to attend Yale, his Swedish grandmother remarked when he told her he was going to Princeton, “You mean you’re not going to Jale?” At Princeton Arv’s major was chemistry, his club was Elm, and he managed the baseball team. He solicited for the Campus Fund Drive and Memorial Insurance Fund. An MBA from Wharton followed in 1961, as did marriage to Polly Benner and a training program with General Electric. A toe in the water as development director for Penn Hall Junior College, then back to industry with Quantum in Wallingford, Conn., in 1965.

The lure of a career in education and the tranquility of northern Vermont drew the Andersons to Echo Lake in 1968, where Arv would spend the rest of his days as a high school guidance counselor, a part-time real-estate broker, and a full-time steward of the environment. His wife, Polly, died in December 1989. Two more marriages followed, both ending in divorce.

Arv is survived by his daughters, Lynne Bradley and Karen Oliver ’87, and four grandchildren, to whom the class extends its condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1959