Hal White, one of 1972’s most distinguished members — valedictorian, world-renowned economist, talented musician, great friend — died March 31, 2012, after a four-year struggle with cancer.

He came to Princeton from Southwest High School in Kansas City, Mo., and lived in Dod and Wilson College with Greg Allen, Bill Ginsberg, David Hingston, Brad Johnson, and John Lytton. He was in the marching band, other campus ensembles, and Triangle.

Hal earned a Ph.D. at MIT in 1976 and taught at the University of Rochester. He joined the faculty at UC, San Diego in 1979 and became the Chancellor’s Associates Distinguished Professor of Economics — a towering, highly regarded figure in the field of econometrics. He authored the most-cited paper in modern peer-reviewed economics literature, and was considered a likely candidate for a Nobel Prize. He co-founded Bates White Economics Consulting, a 150-person firm with offices in San Diego and Washing-
ton, D.C. An enthusiastic jazz trumpeter since boyhood, he always traveled with his horns and played at every opportunity.

Hal is survived by his wife, Teresa B. White; his sisters, Celeste, Catherine, and Lynda; son Rich; and daughter Rachel. To his family and his many friends and admirers, the class sends its sincere condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1972