Janice died Jan. 16, 2004, after a promising career as a physics researcher.

While still in high school in Gaithersburg, Md., Janice delved deeply into science, exploring physics at a local college, where a professor urged her to apply to Princeton. While on campus, she majored in physics, writing a thesis that her mother, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, said even she found difficult to understand.

Janice spent some of her summers during college working at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois. Research she conducted with a physicist there led her to the University of Colorado, where she earned a master’s in atmospheric science and a doctorate in physics. Janice specialized in high-energy particle physics and published papers on topics including “The Physics of Charm and Beauty,” which dealt not with human attributes but with two of the fundamental particles that make up matter. Janice developed bipolar disorder in her 20s and was able to work only sporadically in recent years.

She is survived by her mother, Barbara Enagonio, and five siblings, to whom the class extends its deep sympathy.

(Editor's note: This memorial is an edited version of the memorial published in the Nov. 22, 2006, issue of PAW.)

Undergraduate Class of 1980