Rich died Aug. 15, 2009, in Whiting, N.J. He was 62.  

He prepared at Deerfield (Ill.) High School and originally matriculated with ’69, but graduated in three years with our class. He roomed with Barry Bretschneider his second and third years and with Bob Meaney ’69 and Ron Darlington ’69 his freshman year.

Rich received a New Jersey teacher’s certificate and taught, coached, and administered for seven years at the Chapin School in Princeton. After that, he had a variety of jobs in manufacturing, sales, drug and alcohol counseling, and adult education. He also worked as a Web site and database designer and manager. His hobbies were computers, aircraft, camping, and biking.  

Rich was a loner, but wry and funny. In our 25th-reunion book he revealed one of the secrets of the universe: “The older you get, the more young people there are.” An ex-

pressed early-on philosophy was to make “$1 million by the time he was 40 or $40 by the time he was a million.” We hope he did both.

He is survived by a brother and sister. To them, the class extends its deepest sympathy.

Undergraduate Class of 1968