CARL TOBEY died in Samsun, Turkey, on Aug. 23, 1991, where he had lived for more than 35 years, teaching English at Samsun College. He is survived by his sister, Ida Louise Pate, and half sister, Beatrice Allen Tobey, to whom the Class sends deepest sympathy. Son of Allen Tobey '12, Carl participated in crew at Choate and Princeton. At Princeton he was on the Princetonian board, was a Cap and Gown member, and was a history major. During WWII he served in the U.S. Army.

Since college days we have seen little of Carl, but through yearbook reports and other correspondence we do know that his connection with Princeton and 1940 stood steadfast. Unfortunately, academic scheduling and geographical distance had kept him from major reunions, Carl was highly regarded by the entire Samsun community, and throughout his life he remained devoted to friends, garden, music, and poetry.

In his 50th reunion message, Carl wrote, "I'm well and happy, so far, while living with the greatest of pleasure beside the Black Sea in a small house with quite a large garden. I shall wear my trousers rolled and walk upon the beach." This scenario of Carl's simplicity and contentment serves somewhat to lighten the sadness of our final farewell to him.

The Class of 1940

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