The following is an expanded version of a memorial from the April 20, 2016, issue.

Joe, an incredibly good, discerning, and modest classmate, died May 19, 2014, 10 days before our 25th reunion. He was 47.

He loved his family and Princeton. Joe’s love for the University began before our first semester on an Outdoor Action orientation trip, where he made friends to whom he would remain close and loyal for the remainder of his life. That love continued through the time of his death, when he was serving as co-chair of our 25th reunion entertainment committee. Joe attended Sunday services at the University Chapel throughout his four years at Princeton, and for at least all of his healthy years to follow, smiled and saw the good in the world. Even among Princeton students, Joe stood out for his intellect, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and first among a large economics department.  A plaque that hangs in Nassau Hall bears Joe’s name. 

Joe went on to make valuable contributions at McKinsey & Co. and at IBM, among other places. More importantly, Joe distinguished himself as a human being through his honesty and integrity, his thoughtful and quiet manner, his genuineness, and his kindness. Joe knew love, passion, and hardship, and he was there for his friends and large family. 

Joe’s life and potential were cut short by serious health problems that began in 2008, including complications from a sinus operation and a belated diagnosis of Lyme’s disease. In his 1989 Nassau Herald entry, Joe said nothing of his own accomplishments or affiliations, but simply invoked St. Francis, presciently calling upon himself and others to do good while we have time. 

Undergraduate Class of 1989