• They are Pulitzer Prize-winners, Nobel laureates, business leaders, academicians, and government leaders.
  • They are professionals, travelers, investors, consumers.
  • They are well-educated, affluent, and interested in the world around them.


  • Princeton alumni read the magazine. Reader surveys show that 83% of alumni read or look through all, or most, issues and that each issue is read by an average of 1.4 people.
  • Princeton alumni are truly loyal to their alma mater. The 2014-15 Annual Giving campaign raised more than $61.5 million, with a 60.3% participation rate among undergraduate alumni.
  • 86% of alumni have attended Reunions in the past 10 years.
  • When in Princeton, 76% of readers eat in local restaurants, 46% spend money in downtown Princeton shops, and 40% stay in area hotels and B&Bs.
  • 55% of alumni have come to Princeton to attend a Princeton sporting event in the last year.
  • 82% of alumni have come to Princeton to visit a friend, student, or faculty member, 16% to attend Alumni Day, and 23% for business.


  • 69% of alumni read the display advertisements, and 32% have purchased an advertised product or service.
  • 62% of alumni read the advertisements in the Classifieds section.

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Colleen Finnegan, Advertising Director