From the letter: “As we collectively look back at cutting edge technological events, both positive and negative, that will never be forgotten (e.g., Apollo 11, the Challenger and Columbia tragedies, Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic) it’s extraordinarily impressive what Tock put together at his company of less than 50 employees and $37 million of funding.”

Fair enough. But Apollo 11 and the space shuttle disasters were scientific expeditions with only trained professionals as participants. Tock erred by selling seats on his undersea craft to the public. The public should not be subject to the same level of risk as a trained pilot or astronaut would be!

The minute he offered seats to the public, Tock became obligated to provide the highest possible level of safety. Since he didn’t do that, he was playing with people’s lives. This is inexcusable hubris.

David Wartofsky ’81
Newton, Mass.