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PAW hopes to make this listing of nonprofit groups that alumni have created or led as complete as possible. To add an organization to the list, please send an email to

Organization: A-Team Tennis + Learning
Purpose: To use high-quality tennis instruction to teach the game of life to youth who wouldn't ordinarily receive the opportunity.
Kevin Dowdell ’83 (

Organization: Alamaya, Association for the Advancement of the Ethiopian Family and Child in Israel
Purpose: To empower and develop leadership from within the Ethiopian community, involve members of the community in Israeli society, respond to the needs and aspirations of all age groups with an emphasis on values and heritage of the Ethiopian community, and nurture excellence in education, culture, arts, and sport.
Board member: Gerry Showstack ’70 (

Organization: American Dystonia Society Inc.
Purpose: To increase foundation funding for dystonia research; to be the compassionate foundation that will help less fortunate dystonians get treatment
Founder, CEO, and board chairman: Noel Valero '82 *86 s'85 (

Organization: Ashraya Initiative for Children
Purpose: Operates a home for street kids and community outreach project in Pune, India
Co-founder and CFO: Julia Neubauer '07 (

Organization: Baker Industries
Purpose: An outsourcing and product-fulfillment company based in Malvern, Pa., that hires those with disabilities, recovering substance abusers, individuals on parole, and homeless persons 
President: John H. "Turk" Thacher Jr. '66 (

Organization: Beacon Hill Friends House
Purpose: To provide Quaker education and residential community
Board chair: Margaret Benefiel '75 ( )

Organization: BiNet USA
Purpose: A network of groups, projects, and individuals, encouraging dialogue and participation as a way of creating and maintaining a cohesive bisexual community and empowering individuals to feel proud of their bisexuality
Former president; advisory board member: Barry Saiff '83 (

Organization: Children’s Scholarship Fund
Purpose: The Children’s Scholarship Fund aims to maximize educational opportunity for all children: for those in need by offering tuition assistance in grades K-8 for alternatives to faltering conventional schools, and for all children by supporting and cultivating education reform and parental choice efforts.
Chief development officer: Margot Pfohl ’01

Organization: Chugachmiut Inc.
Purpose: A consortium of seven Alaska Native tribes that promotes self-determination and provides  services in the areas of health care, social services, enterprise development, language and culture, and public safety
Executive director: Patrick M. Anderson '75 (

Organization: Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Purpose: Strengthening the community through philanthropy; managing assets of more than $260 million; examining, advocating, and convening conversations about community issues 
President: Bob Fockler '81 (

Organization: The Corner Project
Purpose: Educational and economic development in the highlands southwest of Mexico City
Project coordinator: Ellen Calmus *86 (

Organization: Cruz Blanca Initiative
Purpose: Engage Princeton students in projects that help underprivileged Mexican communities
Founders: Sheila Parmar '01 and Kush Parmar '02

Organization: East Coast Masters Diving
Purpose: Dedicated to providing an economical, safe, challenging and fun environment for divers of all ages and abilities to improve their diving skills, learn from and support one another, and encourage broader interest and participation in the sport of diving.  
Contact: Kathy Diringer ’78

Organization: Education Through Music
Purpose: Working with inner-city schools lacking sufficient funds for schoolwide music programs to ensure that all students (including special-needs children) receives weekly music instruction to enrich their academic and personal growth
Founder and board member: Eldon Mayer '57
Staff members: Rainah Berlowitz '97, director of operations; Katherine Canning '97, director of development and program evaluation; Julie Rubinger '09 and Dominique Salerno '10, development associates

Organization:  The Food Justice Foundation
Purpose:  Provide solution to food access inequity and combat childhood obesity in underserved communities by operating Healthy Food Fundraisers in city schools.  Currently operating in Trenton.
Co-founders: Executive Director  Taylor Behmke '12 (, President of the Board Kelly Reilly '12 (, Tucker Willsie '11 (, Tushar Gupta '11  (, Stephen Segura '11 (, Board Member Jay M Behmke '77 (, Advisory Board Member Heather Butts '94

Organization: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
Purpose: The mission of FIRE is to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience.
Founders:  Alan Charles Kors ’64 and Harvey Silverglate ’64

Organization: Giving Opportunities To Others
Purpose: Giving Opportunities To Others (GOTO) enriches the lives of promising, underprivileged middle school students by immersing them in art and music. This effort is complemented by a series of initiatives that encourage philanthropic awareness and leadership among young professionals.
Founder: Cam Snaith '00

Organization: HEALTH for Youths
Purpose: To assist youth in pursuing a healthy life that leads to educational attainment, life skills training, and overall personal goals.
Co-founders: Heather Butts ’94 (

Organization: Hockey Players for Kids
Purpose: Professional hockey players helping children in communities across North America
Co-founders: Dustin Sproat '06 (, Mike Moore '08 ( , Daryl Marcoux '07 ( , Brett Westgarth '07 ( , Darroll Powe '07 (

Organization: Homes with Hope
Purpose: Assisting the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in Westport, Weston, and Wilton, Conn. 
President and CEO: Jeff Wieser '74 (

Organization: José Mateo Ballet Theatre 
Purpose: To provide innovative programming, artistic excellence, and extensive community outreach. It is the only ballet company in New England to produce an entire repertory by its own resident choreographer
Founder and artistic director: José Mateo '74

Organization: Melanoma Research Alliance
Purpose: Finding and funding the most promising melanoma research worldwide
President and CEO: Wendy Donath Selig '86 (

Organization: Midstory Media Thinkhub
Purpose: Midstory is dedicated to inspire, connect, and educate youth and the public from disparate segments of post-industrial cities—beginning in the city of Toledo, Ohio—by interweaving stories of science, art, and culture in order to invite civic engagement whilst promoting social change and welfare towards a unique, shared regional identity.
Founders: Logan Sander ’18 (, Samuel Chang ’16 (, Ruth Chang ’12 (

Organization: Minnesota Chorale
Purpose: Professional symphonic chorus 
Executive director: Bob Peskin '78 (

Organization: National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association
Purpose: An organization of journalists, media professionals, educators, and students working to foster fair and accurate coverage of LGBT issues, oppose workplace bias, and provide professional development
Co-founder, New York chapter: Alan Flippen '84 (  

Organization: NJ Arts News
Purpose: To advance creative civic discourse through short-form videos; to enrich news through humanities, arts, civics and sustainability; and to explore the relationships between civic culture, news and democracy.
Founder & Creative Director: Susan Haig ’76

Organization: NomoGaia
Purpose: To push multinational corporations to respect human rights in their global operations.
Co-Founder & Executive Director: Kendyl Salcito '04 (

Organization: Our Space Our Place Inc.
Purpose: An after-school program that encourages self-confidence social involvement, and academic development among Boston-area youth who are blind by encouraging involvement in theater arts, sports, and community service 
Founder and board president: Cheryl Cameron-Cumings '88  (

Organization: Pocono Environmental Education Center (“PEEC”)
Purpose: To advance environmental education, sustainable living, and appreciation for nature through hands-on experience in a national park.
CEO: Jeff Rosalsky ’85

Organization: Princeton AlumniCorps 
Purpose:  Mobilizing alumni in civic engagement.  Programs include Project 55 Fellowships, Emerging Leaders, ARC Innovators and The Alumni Network.  AlumniCorps encourages graduating seniors and alumni of all ages to create systemic change through public service.  Founded in 1989 as Project 55.
Board Chair:  Liz Duffy ’88
President:  Kathy Miller ’77

Organization: Princeton-Blairstown Center
Purpose: Founded in 1908 by a group of Princeton University undergraduates and alumni, PBC transforms the lives of vulnerable young people through integrated experiential and adventure-based programming in schools and at our outdoor campus.  We collaborate with schools, university partners and community-based agencies to develop in youth a deepened self-awareness, responsible decision-making, teamwork, and leadership skills.
Trustees: Jim Farrin ’58, Jane Fremon ’75, Jason K. Griffiths ’97, James B. Huffman ’77, Colleen Kelly ’77, Jason Pedraza ’11, Sarah Tantillo ’87, Christopher Van Buren ’84, William Wild ’14
Honorary Trustees: Reverend Frederick Borsch ’57, Joseph L Bolster, Jr. ’52, David G. Rahr ’60, Dr. Robert Rivers, Jr. ’53, Winthrop A. Short ’41
Advisory Council: Everard K. Pinneo ’48, Alfred Kaemmerlen ’62

Organization: Save The Bay
Purpose: Save The Bay is the largest regional organization working to protect, restore, and celebrate San Francisco Bay. As its leading champion since 1961, Save The Bay protects the Bay from pollution and inappropriate shoreline development, making it cleaner and healthier for people and wildlife.
Executive director: David Lewis ’83 (

Organization: Scholars at Risk Network
Purpose: Scholars at Risk is an international network of higher education institutions and individuals protecting academics, researchers, writers, artists, and other intellectuals who are persecuted for their work. Through career- and life-saving services for these courageous individuals, Scholars at Risk stands up for everyone’s right to think, create, and share ideas freely and safely.
Executive director: Robert Quinn ’88

Organization: Science Initiative Group
Purpose: Supports science and engineering capacity-building efforts in developing countries through a variety of programs and partnerships
Co-founder and chairman: Phillip Griffiths *62; Co-founder and executive director: Arlen Hastings '80 (

Organization: The SEED Foundation
Purpose: To provide innovative educational opportunities that prepare underserved students for success in college and beyond. The SEED Foundation opens and supports urban, college-prep, public boarding schools.
Co-founder and managing director: Rajiv Vinnakota ’93 (

Organization: Side by Side
Purpose: A faith-based, nonprofit organization that supports local public schools in Laurel, Md. 
President: Joe Murchison '73 (

Organization: Starfish Africa
Purpose: Sponsors school fees for students in Kenya
Founder: Peter Kingston '02 (

Organization: Straight Talk Foundation
Purpose: Communication for social change, based in Kampala, Uganda 
Founder: Catherine Watson '78 (

Organization: Sublime Fund
Purpose: To help everyone fulfill their potential to be philanthropists and improve the world we live in.
Founder: Danny Guo ’13

Organization: Ten Thousand Things Theater
Purpose: Bringing lively, intelligent theater to people with little access to the arts, performing in prisons, homeless shelters, low-income housing, and community centers 
Founder and artistic director: Michelle Hensley '80 ( )

Organization: The TLT Group 
Purpose: The TLT Group is a not-for-profit that helps college and university educators take advantage of changing technology so they can improve teaching and learning. 
President: Steven W. Gilbert ’65