Kristin Cordwell ’13
Kristin Cordwell ’13

Solve this puzzle by ­mathematics major and wordplay expert Kristin Cordwell ’13 to find a hidden message — or two. 

To the seniors: nice_ate, slop_lope, pint_cute, bugle_ark, war_ask, heart_owl, qatar_bid, sauce_amen, rule_inky, shaw_ax, bath_gad, fain_our, though_each, lung_late, pose_asp!

Send your answer by July 25 to or PAW, 194 Nassau St., Suite 38, Princeton, NJ 08542. Correct responses will be entered into a drawing, and the winner will receive a prize. The solution will be published in the Sept. 19 issue of PAW.

Congratulations to Lily Akerman ’13, who won the prize drawing for the Commencement wordplay puzzle, and the other 31 PAW readers who sent the correct response: Eleanor Adam p’12, Jen Adams ’01, Newton Allen ’11, Catherine Craig Baker ’97, Adam Barr ’88, Elaine Basta, John Basta, Nicole Basta ’03, Ryan Budnick ’16, Rachel Cox ’94, Jason Elbaum ’92, Gary Fox ’13, J. Richard Gott *73, Lucy J. Pollard-Gott ’78 *81, Arlen Hastings ’80, Tom Hastings ’79, Raymond Hsu ’11, Simon Krauss ’11, Albert Lin ’92, Mike Livstone, Jon Margolies ’85, Mike Matejek ’05, Gayle Maltz Meyer ’97, David Mordkoff ’01, Linda Rapp ’75, Ronnie Raviv ’95, Sanhita Sen ’07, Michael Sobin ’12, Mark Taylor ’88, Kate Wanderer s’67, and Bridget K. Wright ’11.

Scroll down for the solution.


Fill in each blank with the letter that forms a word with both the preceding and following letters (for example, adding r to nice_ate completes the words nicer and rate). This produces the phrase READ THIRD LETTER. The third letter of each word pair forms the word CONGRATULATIONS, Cordwell’s hidden message to the Class of 2012.