Todd Harrity ’13
Todd Harrity ’13

Last season was a major triumph for men’s squash. The team won its first national championship since 1993 with an electrifying win over Trinity, ending that team’s 13-year winning streak.

The Tigers are off to a solid start this season, though they have just three seniors, including standout Todd Harrity ’13. A pair of freshmen are poised to make important contributions: Michael LeBlanc ’16, a Connecticut native who already has won several close matches; and Vivek Dinodia ’16, who dealt with intense competition on his way to becoming a top player in his native India.

“I think we have a good chance of repeating this year, but it’s going to be close,” Harrity said. “It’s a new year and a new team, but I think this team has really good chemistry.”

The team was 4–0 as of Dec. 9 after sweeping Williams and defeating fifth-ranked Rochester 7–2. Princeton will host Trinity Feb. 16 in a highly anticipated rematch.