President-elect Barack Obama's transition Web site counts down the days until inauguration -- 69, as of Nov. 12 -- and in that time, the new White House will name 15 cabinet-level secretaries and members of more than a dozen councils or offices, such as the Office of Management and Budget and the Council of Economic Advisers. As executive director of the transition team, alumnus Chris Lu ’88 will help to manage that list of key appointments. "My job is basically to keep the trains running on time," Lu told The Daily Princetonian last week. Lu, a Harvard Law classmate of Obama who until recently served as the senator's legislative director, has worked in law and government for the last two decades. He also has plenty of experience meeting deadlines, faithfully filing class notes to PAW as the secretary of the Class of 1988. With the slightest hint of favoritism, we've chosen Lu as our Tiger of the Week. And though he probably needs no reminder, class notes for the January issue are due Nov. 25. (Photo courtesy Chris Lu ’88)
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