Dr. Dan Kelly ’03 was still as student at Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2006 when he set up a feeding center for malnourished children in Sierra Leone. Later, he worked with Sierra Leonean doctor Mohamed Bailor Barrie to start a medical clinic and a nongovernmental relief group for amputees who had lost limbs in a decade-long civil war that ended in 2002. Kelly, who has started the first year of a residency program in Houston, continues to use his free time to promote global health.

Kelly's extraordinary service and selflessness earned him recognition as one of five "Points of Light" at Yeshiva's Hanukkah dinner in December. He also received the Albert S. Kuperman Award for Field Work in Global Health at his medical school graduation in June. His work will be featured in an upcoming documentary, "Pride of Lions," and on Feb. 9, he will speak at Princeton, sharing his story with a campus audience.

The people Kelly met during a 2006 fellowship in Sierra Leone inspired him to act, he told PAW's Katherine Federici Greenwood in an interview for a February 2008 feature story. "You can't stand there and stare," he said. "You want to do something."

(Photo courtesy Dan Kelly ’03)

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