(AuthorHouse) In this work of historical fiction, Thomas Medici, a naval intelligence liaison (NILO) officer during the Vietnam War, is stationed on the Cambodia-Vietnam border in a small fishing district town called Ha Tien in 1970. Entering Cambodia on U.S. Naval intelligence missions, Medici secretly negotiates weapons agreements with the Cambodian navy. He also thwarts the destruction of the Port of Sihanoukville – an action for which he is ultimately tried at a Naval Board of Inquiry. The author served as a NILO in Ha Tien, Vietnam, for most of the year 1970, and many of the missions described in the novel are based upon his own experiences. A practicing lawyer and law professor in San Diego, Calif., he is the author of OOPS! A War Story for Children , as well as a drama called The Sihanoukville Inquiry .