Over the years I’ve written some pretty contentious letters to PAW. This one, though, is one I’m certain that all Tigers, of whatever stripe, can agree on.

I’ve received a fundraising appeal from the Wildlife Conservation Society (www.wcs.org), describing what seems to me to be the best-planned project I know of to conserve the few (3,000 to 4,000) remaining wild tigers by targeting the most crucial areas in Asia that need habitat protection if wild tigers are to avoid extinction.

If you’ll check out the WCS website, I think you’ll agree that the society’s strategy is probably the best way to try to save the tiger. I hope as many of us who can will support WCS in its work by donating to the tiger project and by publicizing this conservation crisis. We are all diminished if our magnificent symbol is to vanish through poaching and inexorable habitat loss.

Ken Scudder ’63
San Francisco, Calif.