John died Nov. 25, 2018, of lung cancer. He entered Princeton with the Class of  ’79 from Big Foot High School in Walworth, Wis. After he and two Princeton friends took a year off — John to teach sailing — they then joined the Class of  ’80.  

He began as an architecture major, and later switched to economics. His twin brother, Michael, attended Swarthmore. John lived for ideas, friends, and experiences, and had an ascetic indifference to material possessions. Senior year he was president of Terrace Club.  

John read exceptionally widely and played classical guitar. He worked in New York City as a currency analyst and later, in his old Connecticut farmhouse, as a software engineer. He took frequent working trips to Paris. He loved and supported ballet and opera and at times took long sabbaticals to travel. 

He is survived by his twin; another brother, Peter; and sisters Lorrie, Kate, and Megan. 

Undergraduate Class of 1980