Published online May 11, 2016

In regard to sprint football’s recent disbanding (Sports, May 11), I am appalled by the lack of transparency from President Eisgruber ’83, the administration, and Mollie Marcoux ’91. It is blatantly disrespectful to the alumni.

Read President Eisgruber’s quote: “I see no reason to ask our coaches to compete with one hand tied behind their back … .” Was the sprint football program shut down for lack of success? The program has struggled for years, but the administration has not offered any admission support in the past two decades. Yet, 0 recruits and 0 wins in a league with recruited players at Penn, Cornell, Army, and Navy leads to our Tiger program’s cancellation. What was it Mr. Eisgruber said about not asking coaches to compete with a hand tied behind their back? Hypocrisy.

How about the argument on safety? The University arrogantly brags about being a medical leader; however, it sets a dangerous precedent for player safety for other programs, both varsity and club alike, in creating a culture of silence. Hide your concussions, rugby, wrestling, and football, or Mr. Eisgruber will shut you down.

To shut down an 80-plus-year-old program that the University has failed to support in the recent two administrations is a disgrace, and it teaches our students that it is better to give up than find a solution.

Ned Moffat ’13
Chicago, Ill.