Your article gave me such hope as I spotted the subtitle “Immigration Fears Spark Activism” (On the Campus, March 22). Finally! Sober heads are righting the ship. A courageous few have gathered on campus to demand the U.S. government move on the security of our country. Were they writing their representatives in Congress to support Kate’s Law, the proposed legislation requiring a minimum five-year prison term for deported criminals who illegally re-enter the United States? Or shouting at Homeland Security that we have a half-dozen countries in the Mideast that are feeding us visitors who are not always who they say they are? 

No, it was none of these. It was a swath of Ivy Leaguers planning their “Not My President’s Day” events, or arguing how best to thrust the rights of the U.S. Constitution upon noncitizens thousands of miles away.

Where is the faculty-led discussion that teaches it is a rightful duty of government to protect its citizens? A duty to follow existing law? A duty to properly differentiate between legal immigration and rogue immigration, the immigration of opportunists seizing upon our porous borders? Where is Madison’s Princeton?

Lawrence Cheetham ’67
Bedford, N.H.