Gregg — What’s that you’re smoking these days? I offer this query as an exculpatory venue in view of the dog’s breakfast you have so charmingly and confidently served us. Sadly the myopia and Princeton-centered chauvinism this meandering piece displays is emblematic of Princeton’s embarrassing penchant for self-affirmation and an inflated sense of its authentic place in the world, in academe, and its vaunted “service” wherever deployed or putatively rendered.

Your alma mater (and mine) has and is devolved, and continues to proceed thither; and musings like yours underwrite this trend, and moreover a net assessment of this effort concludes it is more about you and a need for visibility with the contest element a blandishment suggesting a distraction from your thrust for a Warholian 15 minutes. Please raise your aim(s) and find proper respect for yourself, your colleagues, alumni, and the institution as it navigates the new millennium.

With best wishes,

Bruce Handler ’58
Orinda, Calif.