The Daily Princetonian list of Princeton’s greatest athletes is glaringly defective and needs amendment! Cosmo Iacavazzi ’65 was a genuine All-American, the heart and soul of perhaps the last undefeated football team Princeton will ever see, the star of the 35-14 victory over Yale that was one of the greatest PU games of the last 50 years and a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. Cos was drafted by the NFL, as Elias was not, and also played two years of two way football, offense and defense, before the rules were changed for the ’64 season to allow unlimited substitutions. Cos has also been a continuing inspirational presence in the locker room and with the coaches for over 50 years. Class will tell, and in this case, the class is all ’65. 

J. Michael Parish ’65
Alameda, Calif.