In Response to: A number like no other

I attended Dick Kazmaier ’52’s last football game, noted in the Nov. 19 issue of PAW. As I recall, the rumor   was that a badly outclassed Dartmouth team would try to “get” Kazmaier,   and they did indeed knock him out eventually with a concussion — to   no avail, as far as the final score was   concerned.

But Kazmaier returned to the game, concussion notwithstanding, with a few seconds remaining, so that he could walk off the field at the end and receive the accolades of the crowd and his teammates. What I remember most was that he was assigned several big and highly motivated blockers to protect him although, of course, there was never any intention of having him anywhere near the ball. Wisely, Dartmouth left him alone.

By the way, I’ve long wondered why Princeton’s new stadium wasn’t named after Dick Kazmaier — given that there never was and presumably never will be another Tiger football player like him.

Fred Lamparter ’61