Thank you for your charming story about Evelyn College. In my day, the rambling Victorian home that had once housed it served as the residence of popular and erudite Professor of Politics Paul E. Sigmund, his unforgettable wife and public official Mayor Barbara Boggs Sigmund, and their three sons.

I can assure PAW readers that more indelible and happy memories were produced at the site at a single afternoon tea or sherry or dinner party at the Sigmunds’ than were in the entire decade of Evelyn College’s existence. Scholars, celebrities, sports figures, governors, Members of Congress, journalists, and scores of students roamed about freely to the sounds of joyous laughter. And the atmosphere was so relaxed that all seemed to know where everything was without having to bother host or hostess. The photograph you ran of the building brought all of this back.

Alvin Felzenberg *78
Washington, D.C.