In Response to: Looking to the Future

Since the founding of the University until today, a unique planning principle has prevailed. Campus walks allow students and faculty to reach destinations, whether class or dormitory, as pedestrians, within a 10-minute period. The proposed location of the new Lake Campus across Lake Carnegie (On the Campus, Jan. 10) is beyond reach of this pedestrian envelope.

With plans to accommodate as many as 500 graduate students, the Lake Campus could add substantially to traffic congestion on Washington and Alexander roads. Ecological considerations in building design will be offset by the added carbon footprint of road traffic.

As an alternative, the new campus can be centrally located on the Springdale Golf Course’s existing open space. This is well within walking distance of the entire University, and would allow development of new graduate-student housing adjoining the Graduate College. In exchange, the University can offer to build a new state-of-the-art golf course south of Lake Carnegie.

As it is, the Springdale course is no longer first-class. Land has been taken along the perimeter for faculty housing. The original clubhouse was taken down for a University building. The tees that had originally provided long vistas have become obstructive inclines. The pond and stream are not visible until after balls are lost.

The principle of a pedestrian university campus can be maintained!

Janko Rasic '59 *61
New York, N.Y.