In Response to: Of Minds and Machines

Tapping into the collective wisdom of the multitude to make arrowheads efficiently reminded me of the quantum world’s superposition where everything including past, present and future actions can be seen at once since everything is in units of time including force and space is simply a location. I realize this idea is a bit off the wall, but it grows on you like a bad rash. What we tend to forget is superposition can hold the imaginary (representing ideas) as well as the real world. The onlooker can tap into whatever he, she, it chooses since one “limited” choice is allowed because we reside in a limit-based space where only one individual out of many can occupy one (x, y, z) position at the same clock time (t) which measures time as a force or velocity, depending on your choice. We also have entanglement of many particles (all diligently working).

Bob Copeland
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada