I am heartened to read about sustainable food for the students on campus (“Bye-Bye, All-Beef … Hello, Sustainability,” Jan. 8). Delving a bit deeper, I found the environmental studies course to which the PAW article referred.

Having attended our 45th reunion last spring, we were all once again fed the old-fashioned fast-food options, including processed meats and cheeses, tired and aging brown-rimmed lettuces and tomatoes, etc. I then discussed this situation with several of my classmates, some of whom said that I was “preaching to the choir,” while others said that the choices made were based on food costs rather than food values. 

This PAW article and the agriculture course both give me hope that fresh and sustainable food options might soon be available for Reunions as well!

My additional suggestion is that the course (or another one) include not just visits to local farms and agricultural facilities, but the development of a greenhouse laboratory on campus for the students to grow all the fresh vegetables that are consumed on campus. Let’s bring a 21st-century food philosophy to Princeton and lead other universities in the nation to do the same!

Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox ’74
Westport, Conn.