Many thanks for the great story about Emile Karafiol in the recent PAW, which I am reading cover-to-cover as usual.

I had heard of Emile Karafiol in my role as treasurer of The Sousa Mendes Foundation-US, which has received a $5,000 challenge grant in memory of visa recipient Emile Karafiol (1935-2019). Born in Poland, Emile  and his family were rescued by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux, France in 1940, at the age of five.

He went on to lead a distinguished life and career, earning a Ph.D. in European history and a doctorate of law, and he is remembered for his many contributions to both fields. 

Great way to “give forward”!

Please forward our thanks to the Karafiol family and I hope to host them some day in Portugal. Doing volunteer work for the Sousa Mendes Foundation is my way of “giving forward,” for my Princeton education.

Mariana Abrantes *75
Algés, Portugal