Thank you. As always, Princeton sets a fine example.

The current crisis has reminded me of what my parents and their generation endured for the years of World War II. There was large-scale military and civilian mobilization. Everyone made sacrifices for the common goal of saving our country. Our courageous, patriotic military risked their lives (my father served throughout the war in the Merchant Marines, which had the largest rate of fatalities of any military branch). Those at home faced severe privations, as food and other necessities were rationed. Young children didn’t see their fathers for years. Women went to work building munitions. And yes, some women went to war, and are finally receiving their long overdue recognition.

We have degenerated into a time of dangerous political polarization. Now is an opportunity to recover from that “illness,” as we come together to fight the current pandemic. Let’s use our past national accomplishments to inspire us.

Richard M. Waugaman ’70
Potomac, Md.