Once again, the University along with PAW touts the racial and ethnic diversity of the admitted class, rather than its academic accomplishments. I have long accepted the premise that I will never again see a headline announcing the brightest and best class ever admitted.

In the April 22, 2020, issue containing the article about the newly admitted class, there is no listing of any academic successes. There is no mention of SAT scores, class ranking, or leadership. This information has disappeared from the reporting long ago. Instead the article dissects the color and income of admittees.

Princeton has fallen in line with the national trend in academia where intellect and accomplishment are less important than background  in what has become social laboratories instead of learning bastions.

Following the certain pattern, I am sure that one year from now I will be reading how the Class of 2025 has racially and ethnically out-diversified all previous classes.

Max Maizels ’72
Richmond, Va.