The references to free speech and debate that appear on numerous pages of the September issue are indeed edifying and uplifting. One cannot hear too many times about these most cherished of hard-won American values.

However, I am curious about one thing.

Despite the fact that there are senior scientists from numerous disciplines, many with Ivy League affiliations, some even with Nobel Prizes, who have raised serious questions about the issue of the day, I have not seen even the faintest hint in your pages that there is serious dispute both about the projections of the risk of COVID-19 and the reaction to it by governments and government surrogates.

Am I to believe that no one in the Princeton alumni community has had anything to say in the past six months that calls any part of the official narrative into question?

To be frank, I find that hard to believe and have fundamental doubts about the integrity of any publication, especially one that represents an institution of higher learning, that comports itself this way.

Kenneth McCarthy ’81
Tivoli, N.Y.