In Response to: Eþandun

Thank you, PAW, for posting notice of my newly published epic poem. It depicts the struggle of young Alfred of Wessex and Lady Ealhswith against Danish invaders in 878 AD. It is available at and Alfred translated or commissioned translations of Augustine, Boethius, Gregory the Great, Bede, the Psalms, and Orosius from Latin into Old English. Inspired by Professor Hollander's Dante seminar, which I audited decades ago, I have blended such historical, linguistic, and literary context into the often-told story of Alfred's against-the-odds survival and Godrum's/Guthrum's/Gorm's conversion.

I taught for a few years after leaving Princeton, then went to law school at U.C. Berkeley. My translation of the Old English “Dream of the Rood” was published by the Sewanee Theological Review.

William G. Carpenter *85
Minneapolis, Minn.