So happy for this article and the tone in which it was presented. All of us were teens and pre-teens during the late 1960s and early 1970s and were aware that things were changing. Indira Gandi, Golda Meir and then, Margaret Thatcher, were being recognized as chief executives. Why not at Princeton, or at Charter Club?

We were doing problem sets, had lab partners, and even shared study carrels with other super-bright Princeton students, who yes, often were women. For me, it wasn’t so different than the AP classes I had in high school.

It was certainly not fully equal . . . I believe women were approximately 35 percent of the Class of 1981 (and when couples were removed, the ratio was even more dismal for single hetero males), but we could see the change happening. Princeton was catching up to the world. The bathroom accommodations and sports teams would follow.

Doug Rubin ’81
Princeton, N.J.