I am truly saddened to learn, even at this late date, of the demise of Professor Stevenson. I knew him as a Philosophical Theology Professor at SeaburyWestern where I studied from 1975-78.

I always found his classes theologically and spiritually challenging. Nobody got a free pass from Taylor. He was indeed a popular figure on campus.

May I share a personal anecdote about Taylor? During my first year at Seabury I learned of a wine auction being conducted by one of Chicago’s largest liquor stores. I intended to go but thought I might enjoy some company. Knowing of Taylor’s great interest in things enological, I boldly called to see if he might be free and interested in attending. To my surprise and delight, he readily accepted. During the auction, both of us found and won a few lots of interest. During a break, I refilled our glasses with additional samples. To my shock and Taylor's delight, I returned his glass with a generous serving of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, a Bordeaux Premier Grand Cry, one if only five wines given that lofty appellation. Taylor requested that his exact total purchases was best known only to us. I never have shared that knowledge with anyone and shall not do so now.

His dry and often puckish sense of humor, often ironic and mordant, is one of my cherished memories of this great teacher.

Resquisat in pace, dear Taylor.

Robert Kitson
Minneapolis, Minn.