We, the undersigned women of the Princeton Class of ’82, share the dismay so eloquently expressed by our sisters in the Class of ’72.

Unlike them, for our entire reproductive lives, we have had the right to choose whether to bear a child or not. That the Supreme Court is now poised to deny the right to that most personal and profound decision to us, our daughters, our sisters, our granddaughters, is profoundly shocking.

Women across America stand to lose our human liberties and the futures we have worked so long and hard to ensure. The basic human right to bodily autonomy and safe, appropriate health care should not be dependent on the state in which a woman happens to reside.

If we are pushed back to the days of knitting needles and wire hangers, of women forced to bear children of rape and incest, the consequences will be devastating, and not just for women.

We will be watching the Court’s decision closely, and we will be voting in November.

Kate Aisenberg ’82, Psy.D, Ph.D.
Anca van Assendelft ’82
Bonnie Bermas, M.D. ’82
Adrian Brown, M.D. ’82
Julia Cloud ’82
Cynthia Crowley ’82
Laura Curtis ’82
Sharon Fairley ’82
Sarah Feldman ’82, M.D.  
Penelope Finnie ’82
Donna Clarke Ford ’82
Susan Gemmell ’82
Laura Gold ’82
Judi Greenwald ’82
Shelly D. Guyer ’82
Valerie Hale ’82, M.D.
Glennis Hall ’82, M.D.
Gwen N. Harris ’82, M.D.
Nancy Hendrickson ’82
Alison Holtzschue ’82
Catherine McVay Hughes ’82
Dianne Johnson ’82
Susan Kellie ’82, M.D. MPH
Susan Kohler ’82, M.D.  
Susan Sheps Margulies ’82
Marion Hardie Mathes ’82
Martha McCully ’82
Franne McNeal ’82
Jane Mentzinger ’82
Kate Miller ’82
Diana Noya ’82 *84
Carol Dodd Oliva ’82
Silda Palerm ’82
Patricia Pedersen s’82
Jocelyn Phelps ’82
Sheila McHugh Puopolo ’82
Heather Dembert Rafter ’82
Julia Herndon Reynolds ’82
Elsie Armstrong Rhodes ’82, M.Div.  
Lainie Friedman Ross ’82, M.D., Ph.D.  
Nancy Altmayer Silver ’82
Debra Silverman ’82
Ruth Singleton ’82
Melissa Smoot ’82
Naomi H. Miller Stein ’82, M.D.  
Sandra Stites ’82, M.D.
Debra Subar ’82
Katharine M. Swibold s’82
Caroline Turner ’82
Molly Groton Urban ’82
Sarah Walzer ’82
Kristin White ’82
Tina Madison White ’82
Elise Prickett Willis ’82