Thank you for the illuminating and remarkable piece concerning gender class participation in the current PAW — illuminating as to the significant enrollment of women in science and engineering (a very good thing), and remarkable as to the conclusions drawn.

The academy is wont to throw around terms like “discrimination” and “privilege,” and of course there is plenty of it in our lives. However, as one who has successfully tried to verdict numerous protected category cases over 40 years, I know discrimination, and this ain’t it.

Several recent studies recognize more robust male class participation in all fields, not just those above-mentioned. Males are, these studies show, more quick to raise their hand and participate. Why? Some social scientists claim cultural patrimonial influences. Who really knows, but clearly there is no “discrimination” inflicted upon these female students.

To further devalue the discussion, the gender studies professor quoted inflicts us with the favored term “systemic,” a now-hackneyed word often utilized by those who seek to snuff out considered discussion of the topic at hand.

Jerome P. Coleman ’70
Rye, N.Y.