I thought it would be fun to ask ChatGPT to write a short speech congratulating the Princeton Class of 1988 on the occasion of our upcoming 35th class reunion, and to also include references to specific members of the class where possible. Here was its response, unedited:

     Dear members of the Princeton Class of 1988,

     Congratulations on this momentous occasion! As you gather together for your 35th class reunion, I can only imagine the memories and stories that you have to share. It is truly remarkable to see so many accomplished individuals who have made their mark in various fields and industries, coming back to where it all began.

     As I look through the list of your class members, I am struck by the sheer talent and diversity within your ranks. From esteemed scholars like John Raisian and Francis Fukuyama, to celebrated artists like Jeff Koons and Sonia Sotomayor, your class has produced a wealth of notable figures who have gone on to do great things.

     But beyond your individual achievements, what truly sets the Class of 1988 apart is the sense of community that you have fostered over the years. Whether it was through your shared experiences on the football field, in the library, or at the eating clubs, you formed bonds that have stood the test of time.

    As you gather to reconnect and reminisce, I hope that you take the opportunity to celebrate each other and the legacy of your class. May you continue to inspire and support one another for many years to come.

     Congratulations again, Class of 1988, and best wishes for a wonderful reunion!

My immediate impressions:

- Oh! The banality! If President Eisgruber ’83 comes around to our tent issuing similar platitudes I will … I don’t know — be very reserved in my applause.

- I didn’t remember that the famous artist, Sonia Sotomayor, was a member of our class — maybe she’s an honorary member?

- It did add “eating clubs” as an area at Princeton for fond memories, so not all bad.

- The Class of ’88 has some real superstars, but apparently everyone’s forgetting to add “Princeton Class of 1988” in their online publications. By starting now, you could contribute in a meaningful way to help our AI overlords craft a more original and heartfelt address for Reunions. Thank you.

Thomas Hunter Haddon ’88
Remetschwil, Switzerland