In Response to: One Jew’s Journey

In response to “One Jew’s Journey” (May issue), the article reminded me of how special the Chapel Rule was to me and my family. The Chapel Rule resulted in my meeting my wife (now of 55 years), Janice. The Chapel Rule lasted until the end of my freshman year, the spring of ’64. Women had not yet been admitted. It was by chance that I met Janice at Murray-Dodge one Friday night in late spring. The rabbi had organized a visit by a group of high school Jewish women including Janice from West Orange, New Jersey, for Friday night services. I had one more chapel attendance left to do that freshman year but there were still one or two Fridays to go in the semester, and I was debating whether to take in a movie at McCarter that night instead.  Lucky for me (and my whole family) that I decided to complete my last chapel rule attendance that night!

Len Brillson ’67
Columbus, Ohio