Regarding free speech: Although the University has what I consider to be a very good statement about free expression (speech), it does not seem to carry through to students, professors, and administration. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, in partnership with College Pulse, rated Princeton No. 169 out of 203 of America’s largest and most prestigious campuses in order from top (No. 1, the University of Chicago) to bottom (No. 203, Columbia).

Regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI): Over the 60 years since I graduated, tuition and expenses have outpaced the rate of inflation mainly because of increased college administration costs and the availability of student loans. For the last 20 years, however, Princeton has provided grants, not loans, which reduced the cost for many. Nevertheless, the University is stuffed with nonacademic office workers, including several dozen (or more) intent on developing and enforcing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout. Google “DEI Princeton” to learn about the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and all of the many DEI deans, assistant deans, assistants to the deans, associate deans, directors, assistant directors, etc. in multiple areas of the University.

Therefore, I hope that Princeton will “lower the heat” on DEI and reduce the tremendous overhead. And at the same time, “increase the heat” on implementing free speech for all. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to have all students, professors, administrators, and other employees sign a statement, perhaps annually, concerning the “Free Speech and Expression Code,” and another statement concerning the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Code,” just like the Honor Code which we signed after each exam. This would place the responsibility on each individual to live up to the codes. If someone is accused of violating the codes, they will get due process. This would be a more effective way to go about implementing free speech and DEI vs. the overburdening and high cost of what is being done now.

William Lucas ’63
Smyrna, Ga.