Donald Trump’s attorney Evan Corcoran ’86 arrives at Brooklyn Federal Court in New York on Sept. 20, 2022.
AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

A massive search is underway for a submersible from Stockton Rush ’84’s OceanGate company that got lost while carrying tourists to visit the wreck of the Titanic. — The New York Times
An audio recording that’s part of the new federal case over Donald Trump’s classified documents stemmed from the rocky relationship he had with Gen. Mark Milley ’80. — The Hill
Attorney Evan Corcoran ’86 is in an unusual position after first being hired to defend Trump in the latest federal investigation and then being forced by prosecutors to testify and turn over his notes to a grand jury considering the case. — Reuters
U.S. Rep. Ken Buck ’81, a Colorado Republican, said he won’t support Trump’s presidential run if Trump is found guilty of a felony. — Yahoo!
Princeton professor Robert George said Cornel West *80’s decision to run for president is motivated by policies but also “values and virtues such as honesty, integrity, basic decency and compassion.” — OSV (Our Sunday Visitor) News
Nobel Prize-winning journalist Maria Ressa ’86 said a report by Oxford University’s leading journalism institute is publishing flawed research that essentially gives “a loaded gun to autocratic governments trying to silence independent journalists.” — The Guardian

“This moment has the potential to turn into a movement, giving our nation a real opportunity to make amends for the brutal effects of centuries of racism woven into our laws, our policies and our practices. We must get this right.”

— Michelle A. Williams ’84, dean of the faculty at Harvard’s public health school, arguing in an op-ed that anti-Black racism has cost the U.S. economy $16 trillion in the past two decades, and reparations are part of the answer. — The Hill

Johns Hopkins associate history professor Leah Wright Rigueur *09 discussed how both Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Sonia Sotomayor ’76 have credited race-based affirmative action with helping their careers, yet they now take opposing views on the issue. — ABC News
In a discussion about the high maternal mortality rate for Black women, CNN chief legal analyst Laura Coates ’01 said she nearly died just after having her first child. — CNN
Nobel Prize-winning economist Oliver Hart *74 said despite “many, many years of work by a number of people,” the efficiency gains created by company mergers remain unclear. “And so perhaps we should be more suspicious of mergers [than] we have been,” he said. — ProMarket
Science journalist Lydia Denworth ’88, described her participation in a study about how people’s brains synchronize when they interact: “an intriguing way of understanding how our brains facilitate the social interaction that is so critical to human life.” — Scientific American

Author Michael Lewis ’82 discussed his book about baseball statistics, Moneyball, at the 20th anniversary of its publication. — The Athletic

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