Dr. West, I had the honor and privilege of meeting you and shaking your hand when you visited the Sacramento Public Library while home for the holidays during the pandemic. You spoke to a SRO crowd, eager to hear you, and so appreciative of your charisma and absolute brilliance. We all could listen to you for hours. Such love and adulation from those of us there that day. You are a wonder.

I'm taking the time now to beseech you to drop the challenge to Joe Biden. In entering the race, you are handing Trump a victory.

You are a philosopher. I would love to hear your justification for undermining the critical 2024 election. I am 68 years old. In 1980 I voted for John B. Anderson for president because I was an idealistic 25-year-old and wanted to make a “statement” (to no one, ultimately), assert my right to protest what the Democrats and Republicans had to offer. And God Bless America that each and every one of us has that right. But after all these years, practicality rules.

Please drop out and endorse Joe Biden, for the sake of our country. Thank you for considering. 

Nina Biddle
Sacramento, Calif.